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The following products are available HERE!!

Picture of SERVO IMPACT Mini-mill

Check out the Mini-Mill for CNC machining of those small intricate parts. Rigid enough to machine Stainless Steel and other exotic metals. Accurate enough for the smallest of parts! Used by some of the finest Jewelry companies and Medical manufactures in the world, its accuracy and repeatability are second to none!




Picture of SERVO 3000 Knee MillFor those Larger Milling applications when a more Rigid machine Knee mill is needed check out the SERVO SAM 3. A complete 3 axis rigid ram CNC mill designed for continuous heavy use. What's more, with the Conversational Software included, you don't need ANY CNC experience to run your first part (if you can read blueprints). If you can manually run a mill, you can run this one and with the built in TEACH MODE, it will mimic your every action! For those experienced programmers, it also excepts standard G & M code programming. For those complex parts requiring a true 4th axis, it is an option which turns this amazing machine into a versatile full 4 axis mill.



Picture of SERV) 5000 Bed Mill

When even more power is needed, the SERVO SAM 5 with a 5-HP variable speed drive is truly an economical way to go! Having 36" of X axis travel, 20" on Y axis and 21-1/2" on the Z axis, with a #40 NST taper spindle standard, it makes the chips fly! It has a 1,000 pound table load capacity and rapids at 190 inches per minute. As with all our mills, it can be ordered with an optional rotary 4th axis.



Picture of SERVO 6000 Bed Mill

Check out our newest Mill, the SERVO SAM 6 with a 7.5-HP inverter variable speed drive and 42.5" X 19.5" X 23" travel in X, Y, and Z axis. It supports table loads of 2000 lbs. for those BIG CNC jobs. It comes standard with automatic flood coolant system, auto lube system, and is a massive 6,300 lbs. in weight. A fourth axis rotary table is alao available!




Picture of Servo II

If you see a CNC in your future, but don't want to part with that old faithful Knee mill that you bought when you started the company, check out the SERVO II retrofit. It turns an ordinary Mill into a 1, 2, 3, or even 4 axis CNC that turns that lost time into $$$.




Machined Parts with Quick'n'Easy CAM

When all of your time is spent on CNC programming, and small projects turn into hours, check out the Quick'n'Easy CAM package from SERVO. Its easy to use menu driven format lets you draw quickly and accurately, print out the drawing, and generate the tool path customized to YOUR machine control. It also allows importing of drawings from programs such as AutoCAD® and CorelDraw®.


SERVO Precision Drill Press

When small precision parts are your business, let our Precision, sensitive drill press put the small holes in for you! Available in a variety of configurations, with ALBRECHT chucks or "WW Collets" for the ultimate in precision and minimum runout. Also available with Offset Column, ideal for circuit board drilling!




New TURBO DRIVE! The newest member of the Servo Power Feed Family! More Powerful than conventional brush driven Mill table feeds. Powerful enough to raise the knee of the larger Bridgeport Series II® and Lagun FTV3® and Deluxe models. Low maintenance Brushless motor. No lever to flip to change directions. (To new for Picture!)

We have a complete line of parts for all of Servo Products older "Classic Mini-Mills" and Harding-Servo retrofits including Motors, Tachometers, Axis Belts, repair boards, Encoders, Switches, and other hard to find parts. We have in stock, the following part numbers for immediate delivery:


We repair All Servo Products machinery. Call us for details.

We also repair Servo II boards and motors. Call us for details!

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